We’ve been creating unique metal configurations for nearly 50 years, and ready to help you turn your idea into reality. Oregon Wire can produce exactly what you need – shaping, bending and welding any configuration of alloys to meet your custom requirements. Our custom fabrication process includes engineered drawings with precise measurements, a fully functional prototype, and your fully produced custom product, delivered both on time and within budget.



From bale ties and stand wire to industrial steel wire, Oregon Wire is your total wire source. Our wire is all American-made in our Portland Oregon plant, providing you with top quality products that will stand up to the job. From mending fences to binding bales of hay, paper, or aluminum, our wire is here to help you in your industry. And our dedicated personal support makes us the partner you can rely on for competitive prices and reliable order delivery.

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From vineyard grapes to holiday trees. From onions to sod. From seedling-to-harvest. Oregon Wire is the single-source supplier commercial farmers and growers can count on. Based in Portland, we understand commercial growing, and are known for manufacturing top-quality wire products designed to meet the specific requirements of agricultural and horticultural companies, offering competitive pricing and outstanding customer support.



Nature is a beautiful thing, but it needs support, and that’s where we come in. Oregon wire has a wide selection of premium retail garden supplies that has us manufacturing quality trellises, sturdy shepherd’s hooks, tomato cages, and the plant supports that every home gardener is looking for. And we’re here to make the process easier for you, with competitive pricing and a personalized buying experience with inventory support, and guaranteed on-time delivery.



Though Oregon Wire’s product line is vast, many of our customers think of us endearingly as “the wreath people”. And we don’t mind because we love creating wreaths and making our clients happy. You can count on us for a variety of wreath wire formations, and a wide selection accessories to bring your holiday or commemorative wreaths to life. And you can count on us for the reliable delivery systems and customer service you need in these time-sensitive times.